An Introduction to Online Blackjack Basics

Blackjack online is a game where players bet against the dealer who wins when there is a tie between their number and the dealer’s number. This means that if the player has a higher card than the dealer then he or she loses; however if both cards match then the player wins. So who would want to play blackjack online? Well, anyone who loves playing games could definitely benefit from it.

In the section below, we are going to get into detail abouyt the blackjack basics that you should definitely know before you start playing the game.

The Aim of Blackjack

The aim in blackjack is to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over. The more points you have, the better for you. But don’t just go overboard trying to hit 21. Many people lose because they keep betting too much and the house takes advantage by taking away all your chips. As long as you stay within reasonable limits you can still win.

Blackjack Basics: The Count

Here’s a basic rundown of counting basics.

The First Card — Before any bets or wagers are placed during a blackjack session, you must always count aces through kings. That means ace-king counts as 10; king-ace counts as 11. It doesn’t matter if it’s one player counting or multiple players. Also note that the counting starts from the right side of the deck , not the left side.

Eights & Nines — These two numbers represent pairs of cards. To simplify things, we only include “8” in the list below. For example, “4 8” would mean four eights. Eights are used to add value to cards that come before them in the draw pile. They only work when there are 7 plus cards in your starting hand. Aces count as 0, while tens count as 1. Since a pair of nines is worth 9, that means nine cards total out of those seven can be used to form a winning hand.

Sevens— These are often referred to as the hole cards. After aces and deuces, sevens are typically the second highest valued card. Note that sevens are counted differently than eights and nines.

Sixes— Similar to sevens but they’re typically considered more valuable as they can be paired with either sixes or fives. If you’re dealt three sixes and then receive a queen, you’ll have a royal flush. Because queens are worth 15, this combination has an additional 45 points added to it.

Fives — This group of cards includes five, six, seven, and eight. Fives are added after the number “fours”. Once again, fives are usually less valuable than other ranks. However, a great hand can sometimes turn into a huge win by pairing fives together.

Fourties–These are worth 10 points each. They represent combinations of fives and fours. For example, 4 4 20; 5 5 25. Forty-fives are often called “blackjacks”, and they’ve historically been thought of as the worst hand in blackjack.

Threes — These cards have the lowest potential value at 3 points. Three-three-five 11; three-two-seven 12.

TWOs— Two Tens are also called twos-over-tens. TWOs are simply a ten followed by another ten. The first is the two and the second is the over. Example: 2 2 22. As you may have noticed, this combo gets its own special rule within Vegas Blackjack. The key here is that your dealer will automatically switch the TWO for ONE card when they become available. You should keep track of how many times this happens in order to determine which types of hands are best suited for TWOs.

A Little Bit About Blackjack Strategy

There are many strategies available for different situations and situations that arise throughout a typical game of blackjack. Let’s take a look at a couple of the most common ones.

Determining Odds 

If you’re playing against another human, you can try calculating the odds yourself. When dealing with probability, it makes sense to keep track of every hand played so that you don’t forget anything. This lets you determine what proportion of previous hands gave you positive outcomes vs negative outcomes. From here, you have a good idea of how likely you are to get that desired outcome next time around.

Playing Against Technology 

Another factor to consider is whether or not your computer opponent is using an artificial intelligence algorithm. Even though AI algorithms are very effective at beating other humans, they don’t have any kind of memory and their decisions are based solely on their programming. So, even though it might appear like they’re making random moves based on luck, that isn’t the case – they’re completely mechanical. And because they make all of their decisions in real-time, they’re not prone to mistakes or emotions. In fact, the software is designed to be immune to these things.