Top Online Casino Games for Australians

Australian online casinos are booming, but there isn’t much information out there for new players. Is it really worth signing up at these places or should you stick with your local land based casino?

For anyone who has never tried playing online before, there are plenty of benefits to playing games via the internet. First being that you don’t need to travel anywhere, you can sit at home and play a game whenever you want. Secondly, if you get tired of a certain game on the site, simply switch to another game.

Top Casino Games Online

The online casino industry is growing very fast. It seems each day we see more and more reputable sites coming up which have interesting games to offer their customers. There are over 80 different types of games offered by online casinos, here are five of the most popular ones:

  1. Slots 

The classic type of online game found almost everywhere. When played through an online casino they are usually accompanied by bonus rounds and multiple payouts. Slots are one of the easiest ways to win money as well as fun.

  1. Blackjack 

Blackjack is also known as 21 and is often played in both face-to-face and online settings. Unlike other games where cards are dealt directly from a shoe, blackjack deals them randomly using a deck of 52 “cards”. Although similar to roulette, blackjack involves taking either hands of two cards. In addition to this, blackjack features a dealer hand and player hand. To make things even more challenging, you must try and keep track of all the various betting options, such as how many decks to use, what number cards to hold and whether to double down.

  1. Video Poker 

Video poker is an exciting game that allows you to bet against the virtual house. You will find it easy to develop a winning strategy. Some variations include Double Bonus, Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. A variation called Double Joker makes video poker even more exciting. This version involves having three jokers instead of just one.

  1. Roulette 

Roulette is probably the world’s most famous online gambling option. As its name describes, roulette consists of a spinning wheel divided into 37 sections. Each section represents one digit from 0-9. The object of the game is to predict the outcome of random numbers rolling around this wheel. While some people enjoy watching the wheel spin along while drinking coffee, others prefer to place bets right away.

  1. Video Slots 

Many sites now offer a variety of slot machines that you can play while sitting at home. Although not quite as exciting as live action slots, they do offer good odds and a lot of flexibility. It’s also possible to download and install slot machine software yourself so you won’t need to go to a particular website when you want to play.

Steps to Choosing the Best Australian Online Casino

One thing to remember about online gaming is that it does come with risks. Make sure that you check the terms and conditions on any site you sign up to before you commit. If you lose your cash, read our guide on how to claim back and avoid making the same mistake twice.

Bonus Paylines

As with land based casinos bonuses offer additional wagers during a round. Whether these bonuses offer a higher return percentage or are free of charge is dependent upon the deposit method used. For example, a standard bonus may require 10% of total deposits for activation but after that the maximum bet per line could be doubled. On the other hand a no deposit bonus would only give a single wager regardless of the amount deposited.

Security & Fairness

When looking at security, look for a secure connection and encryption. Also ensure that the rules are fair and transparent. Look out for specific policies regarding cheating and payment verification methods.

Customer Support 

Find out how reliable and helpful the support staff are. Do they respond quickly? Are they able to answer questions that you have? Do they provide useful information? How much will I have to wait until my issue is resolved?

Payout Percentage 

Look for a payout percentage of 95%-100%. This means that every time you play a game, no matter how long it takes, the operator promises to pay back the agreed upon amount to your account within 5 days.

Deposit Methods 

Most operators accept various deposit methods including credit cards, ewallets, prepaid debit cards and wire transfers. Ensure that you choose a method that suits your needs.

With so many casino games available today there is definitely something for everyone. There is nothing like being at a real table and enjoying all the excitement of playing for real money. However, if you can’t get to the nearest brick and mortar casino then you should still try your luck online. But don’t forget to protect your personal details!