Popular Bonus Features in Online Slots

Do you enjoy playing online slots? If so then this video will definitely interest you.

Online slots are games where players bet against each other using their own real money to place bets on virtual reels. They often include bonus features and there are different variations of these types of games. Here, we will talk through some of the more popular ones.

Popular Bonus Features in Online Slots

There are a couple of ways that bonuses work in an online slot. The first is with free spins. When a player wagers their coin and spins a wheel then they may be rewarded for doing so by having their total stake added to their balance and placed into a free spin round.  Deneme bonusu

  1. Free Spins

Often times when playing free spins, a player might find that they have accumulated multiple extra rounds which can add up over time if they keep wagering. Another way of getting benefits from playing an online slot is via scatter symbols and wild cards. These help players win prizes but only if they actually appear on the reels as part of winning combinations. 

This allows for larger payouts than just simply matching the reel symbol numbers. However, it does mean that players need to land at least three of the same symbol on adjacent positions for them to receive any wins. This is often referred to as a line or row. 

It’s also worth mentioning here that not all games reward players who complete lines. Some only give wins for completing sets of 3-5 symbols. Regardless, everyone should try to take advantage of this feature when it appears and see if a large prize awaits them!

  1. Jackpots

The most common type of bonus in online slots is the jackpot. A single game might award a small number of coins to the winner after several bets have been made. Typically though, this payout is in excess of 20x what was wagered. These usually come in two forms: progressive and fixed jackpots. 

Progressive jackpots start off as a smaller amount before adding coins every time someone plays until one lucky person takes home a big chunk of cash. Fixed jackpots are guaranteed to pay out once a certain level has been reached. Casino siteleri

Many people prefer the thrill of going for the top prize because of its huge potential payout and the fact that many progressives require little effort to get there. The problem with both of these is that it means that they only attract those players who can afford to risk losing very much at one go. As such, they tend to be far less popular with low-budget players.

  1. Multipliers

Another form of bonus in online slots comes in the form of multipliers. In this case, players gamble a pre-assigned sum of money and expect to make a bigger return than originally expected. The amount of multiplier varies depending on how much the game is played. Commonly found in online slots are ‘×2’ and ‘×3’ multipliers. 

Players can also expect to earn a lot of coins from multipliers even if they aren’t hit during play. This is because some games use a variable multiplier system in which multiplying the original bet leads to multiplying the payout. For example, the classic video slot Fruit Machines gives a 2X multiplier to anyone who gets five cherries on a spin. However, this isn’t always the case. For example, you won’t get an additional payout for hitting 5 oranges in Double Diamond.


While we’re talking about the different types of bonuses, let’s mention another form of benefit. If players find themselves stuck in a position where no more wins seem possible, they might be able to claim a refund of previously lost funds. This is possible thanks to the concept of RTP. 

Every online casino offers a minimum percentage guarantee when it comes to its software. That said, some of these do offer better odds than others. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know what your chances of winning will be ahead of time. 

Thus, many gambling sites offer a refund policy to compensate for this. The main thing to look out for in these situations is whether the site uses a rolling period or a specific date. Most of the time, we recommend using a rolling period as this means that refunds are given across the board regardless of when the claims were filed. 

The downside of a rolling period is that it makes it harder to track down exact figures for individual cases since the window is constantly moving forward. While this may sound like a negative aspect, it could actually prove useful if a player is trying to figure out exactly what gaming experience they had while trying to file a complaint with the company.